Septic tank replacement in Kingston-upon-hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire

Domestic sewage treatment plants for East Riding Of Yorkshire homes - what you need to know

If you own or intend to buy a home in Kingston-upon-hull or East Riding Of Yorkshire which is not connected to a mains sewer, your property will utilise an off-mains domestic drainage system. While this has traditionally taken the form of a septic tank or cesspit - also called a cesspool, both are not without their drawbacks and increasingly it is the domestic sewage treatment plant that is winning favour.

Here's why...

Cesspit replacement: why you should do this

Let's start by looking at the problems with cesspits, which are single watertight chambers that collect effluent and wastewater and hold it. The waste is not treated in any way and the cesspit needs to be emptied once full.

Cesspits are banned in Scotland, and in England it is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that it does not leak or overflow. Given that cesspits are a bygone approach to household sewage treatment, many are old and have become porous as a result. In fact, some are intentionally damaged so they discharge waste illegally to the reduce costs of emptying - which the Environment Agency will fine and prosecute for if discovered.

Septic tank alternatives may be necessary with 2020 regulation change

Septic tanks are widely used in rural homes in East Riding Of Yorkshire to treat domestic sewage and provide a tried and tested solution. But they are not without their issues.

If your home uses a septic tank, is it 2020 ready? The new regulations brought about by the 2015 Environment Agency septic tank general binding rules mean that they can now (as of 1st January 2020) no longer discharge wastewater into adjacent water courses, as many had done to date, and instead need a sufficient soakaway to be compliant. This is not going to be possible for many rural homeowners as it requires a sizeable garden or field, making septic tank replacement with a domestic sewage treatment plant the only viable option.

Septic tank replacement cost

The best alternative to a septic tank or a cesspit is a domestic sewage treatment plant. Whilst their name may imply something large and complicated, the great thing about today's generation of sewage treatment plants for your home is that they do not require large amounts of space or a complex installation.

The cost to replace a septic tank with a domestic sewage treatment plant in East Riding Of Yorkshire will typically be far more cost effective compared with the alternatives. Plus, the cost to install sewage treatment plants within a new build development may well be even less, particularly if the development consists of several properties located close together.

As approved installers of sewage treatment plants from many of the world's leading manufacturers, including Klarjester, Sweeting Bros Ltd will provide all the guidance you need to arrive at the best sewage treatment solution. We will advise on the type of plant you will need for your home, which will depend on the amount of material that the plant needs to process.

How a domestic sewage treatment plant works

Sewage treatment plants are relatively similar in concept to septic tanks, but they apply a more modern method to treating the waste. Septic tanks usually consist of two chambers, which simply separate the waste over time and have no mechanical components or need for an electricity supply.

A sewage treatment plant has three chambers with mechanical components that require a permanent electricity supply. Its additional chamber makes use of an air diffuser to circulate air that encourages the growth of bacteria to break down sewage. This ultimately results in the discharge of much cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent - the quality of which is compliant with the 2015 Environment Agency septic tank general binding rules.

Just like a septic tank, a domestic sewage treatment plant does still need to be emptied but not as regularly. Keeping it maintained annually is important too, as sludge can also build up in the system.

Helping off-mains customers in Kingston-upon-hull and across East Riding Of Yorkshire

As a Yorkshire based company, Sweeting Bros Ltd has a thorough understanding of the heritage of East Riding Of Yorkshire, its rural character and the challenges that many homeowners and property developers face when it comes to domestic sewage solutions.

We have a strong track record of septic tank replacement and domestic sewage treatment plant installation in the East Riding Of Yorkshire which is home to more than 600,000 people. With a broad mix of rural and urban areas, the county has a rich heritage across its 960 sq miles with a great many properties being off mains sewerage in towns and cities like Bridlington, Hornsea, Cottingham, Market Weighton, Withernsea and Beverley.

Wherever your property is located, you can be assured that we know your area well, and that we have the best possible range of domestic sewage systems and services that are right for you.

Take a look at our case studies to see how our customers in East Riding Of Yorkshire have benefited from our services.

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