Watercourse Maintenance

Our priority is managing the efficient flow of water through your land

Watercourse maintenance forms a key part of Sweeting Bros Ltd's contract work.

Working for local drainage boards, farmers, landowners & Local Authorities we take on projects to ensure watercourses are kept clear of annual weed growth, silt and debris that can prevent water from moving efficiently through the drainage system. We provide specialist equipment including excavators of various sizes from 3 ton to 38 ton with reaches of up to 15m fitted with various attachments including weed cutting buckets, piling hammers and tree shears.

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Watercourse management services

Works carried out include:

  • Piling
    The installation of plastic or timber piles is essential to maintain the stability of the banks of many watercourses.
  • De-silting, weed cutting and re-grading
    Using a range of specialist machinery and implements we are able to carry out these tasks efficiently and economically whilst having a low environmental impact on the surrounding area.
  • Watercourse construction
    Purpose made vee buckets and laser levelling are used to construct new watercourses.
  • Culvert construction

Completed installation of Gabion baskets

Completed installation of Gabion baskets

Installation of Gabion baskets on a watercourse

Installation of Gabion baskets on a watercourse

Sludging work on a watercourse

Sludging work on a watercourse

Pumped Approach Drain Construction

Pumped approach drain construction

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